Season’s Greetings With Love from Nesro

Christmas- it’s a time to be Jolly, Loving, Giving and Thoughtful.
It’s the time of the year were a lot people are much more generous than any other time.
People are showered with gifts as well as receiving some in return.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Yet again, I’m spending another Christmas away from home, 3 years in a row.
2014, I spent it in Thailand, 2015 in Vietnam and 2016 I’m back again in Thailand. Even though last year I spent Christmas away from home, I had an awesome day, I made a few friends in Vietnam and we all travelled out of town to CAT BA ISLANDS where we had an awesome dinner and exchanged gifts. –> 2015 XMas in VIETNAM 
This year I’m spending it with a friend in Thailand, she’s away from home as well, she has been away for the longest, so I guess we can make it a memorable one. I haven’t bought any gifts yet and I’m not sure if I really need to, because I’m not expecting one, Hahaha, but then again, I’ll see on the actual day, which is TOMORROW of course.
Back home, Christmas in our family Is Very Important, one of the holidays that most of the family members get to see each other after a very long time, or even for the first time that year.
While I was home, I had made it a point that every Christmas I was in my hometown, actually it was a must that I was there, I’d take a 5hours drive on Christmas eve, sometimes right after work, to get home just before Christmas day. I remember one of my Aunts who used to work in the city, she’d take a late-night train and arrive on Christmas morning, that’s how important Christmas is to our Family. It is TIME TO BE HOME.
This is the 2nd Christmas NESRO LIVE.
I’m taking this time yet again to Wish Each and Everyone who has been supportive throughout the year a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
At NESRO, we are happy that we got to share a few Gifts with our followers. Even though they haven’t physically received the Gifts, they have been sent to them.
Once again
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8 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings With Love from Nesro

  1. You must have miss your family so much, Christmas here is the same, it is very important for us that's why there's a need for us to be complete at least before 12 mn.


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