New Year – A Fresh Start, Go Get What’s Yours

A fresh start to yet another 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks. Time to work on being great again. If you thought you had “Failed” or not done enough last year, this is the time to redeem yourself, get started. January is that time of the year when most of people’s enthusiasm levels are at the brim, so go ahead and take advantage of it and get things done.

Get Up, Put On Your Full Armor And Own Your Throne.


A few days into the new year, I must say, I’m a bit nervous, I wonder what the year has packed up for me. I had an idea I wanted to execute before this post, however, I was unable to do it due whatsoever reasons the universe had. The pictures I took for this post aren’t exactly what I had imagined, IMPROVISATION kicked in, so I had to re-write and re-arrange my post. See, things won’t always work in your favour, so we need to learn to make the most of what life throws at that moment.

Just like all the photoshoot I have done on my blog, It’s ALL BY MYSELF, yes EVERYTHING. With this shoot, I chose to use mild colours , WHITE, GREY and SILVER (crown)

I chose WHITE to represent the Light, Goodness and Perfection that this year has to offer me. I then went on with SILVER, this colour represents, Glam, Sleek and Grace, this is how I want to go about my year. Then I followed up with GREY, even though it’s deemed to be an emotionless colour, I chose it because of it’s Neutral and Sophistication, it blends well with what I’m about, One hell of a Sophisticated being.
This year I aspire to do great with NESRO, I want to be more daring, push myself beyond boundaries and snatch what’s mine, I urge you to do the same too and get what’s yours.


This year, speak positivity in your life, embrace challenges and be grateful for everything. By doing so, everything becomes second nature, everything will make sense, REMEMBER,

The universe is always listening.

Do not Conform to Society’s  Ideas of Normal


Be Original, Be Yourself
Your Success Is A Reach Away


Be The King/Queen You Want To
Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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7 thoughts on “New Year – A Fresh Start, Go Get What’s Yours

  1. You are right – it's a new year, a new beginning! Time to redeem ourselves, where we had failed in 2016. Enjoyed looking at your photos and had a good laugh at your expressions. Happy New Year to you!


  2. hehhehehe you are an entertainer for sure!! Loving all the poses…and yes, surely this year has started off with a bang for I get myself motivated and dedicated to cross out my goals for 2017


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