Coloured Photo background

I swear last week was one hell of a week, I lacked inspiration to photograph or even blog. I was so slow and swamped with other things that I can’t even show results of. For a creative to be in that state, it’s a nightmare. Something in me wasn’t having it that week but I forced myself to try come up with something.
On one good afternoon on my way home from work, I walked into a book store to get a few stationery and I was drawn towards A3 sized colourful papers, of course I bought them. Felt more drawn to orange and red, when I got Home I immediately revisited my Colour Coded Series Post and boom, got reminded that Orange colour channels creativity and stimulates enthusiasm and red brings excitement. Exactly what I needed that day.
I decided to pair the papers together and started taking pictures. Quite interesting results I must say.


Hair so nappy


Those are part of the pictures that I managed to snap and wish to make more clean pictures and share them with you.
Remember To Take Chances In Life, Make Use Of Your Surroundings.
 Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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